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Pilatus PC-12

Pilatus PC-12

Type (Muster)
Turboprop business/utility transport

Country (Land)
Switzerland (Schweiz)

Manufacturer (Hersteller)
Pilatus Aircraft AG
CH-6370 Stans

Phone: +41 41-619-6111
Fax: +41 41-610-3351

General (Allgemeine Angaben)
Crew (Besatzung): 1 or 2
Passengers (Passagiere): six in executive outfit to nine maximum in passenger version

Power plant (Antrieb): 1 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67B turboprop
Power (Leistung): flat rated to 1200 shp (895 kW) take-off and 1000 shp (746 kW) in the cruise (Reiseflug).
Fuel consumption: 0.538 lbs/shp/h
TBO: 3500 hrs (hot section inspection at 1750 hours)
Propeller: Four blade Hartzell, 1700 rpm, diameter is 2,67 m

Dimensions (Abmessungen)
Length (Länge): 14,40 m
Height (Höhe): 4,26 m
Span (Spannweite): 16,23 m
Wing area (Flügelfläche): 25,81 sq m

Cabin length (Kabinenlänge): 5,16 m
Cabin width (Kabinenbreite): 1,53 m
Cabin height (Kabinenhöhe): 1,45 m
Cabin volume (Kabinenvolumen): 9,34 cu m
Baggage compartment: 1,13 cu m

Weights (Massen)
Standard empty weight (Leermasse): 2661 kg or 2887 kg in Executive fit or 2545 kg for cargo operations
Max. payload (max. Nutzlast): 1873 kg from 2006 (was 1350 kg or 1123 kg in executive outfit earlier)
Payload with full fuel (Nutzlast mit vollen Tanks): 539 kg in standard fit, 313 kg in Executive version or 656 kg in cargo fit
Max. useable fuel (Max. nutzbarer Kraftstoff): 1226 kg (1522 l, 402 US gallons)
Max. zero fuel weight (Max. Masse ohne Kraftstoff): 4100 kg
Max. ramp weight (Max. Masse am Boden): 4520 kg
Max. take-off weigth (Max. Startmasse): 4740 kg from 2006 (was 4500 kg earlier)
Max. landing weight (Max. Landemasse): 4500 kg

Performance (Flugleistungen)
Max. cruise speed (max. Reisefluggeschwindigkeit): 270 kts (500 km/h TAS)
Stall speed (Überziehgeschwindigkeit): 64 kts (121 km/h)
Max. operating altitude (Reiseflughöhe): 30000 ft (9150 m)
Rate of climb (Steigrate): 1940 ft/min (9,8 m/s)
Take-off run (Startrollstrecke): 452 m
Take-off over 15 m obstacle: 701 m
Take-off distance over 50 ft obstacle (Startstrecke über ein 15-m-Hindernis): 700 m
Landing distance over 50 ft obstacle (Landestrecke): 560 m
Landing ground roll: 288 m with reverse
Max. range (Reichweite):
   - 850 km with 1465 kg cargo at high-speed cruse
   - 903 km with 1465 kg cargo at long range cruise
   - 2671 km with six passengers in Executive fit, high-speed cruise
   - 2804 km with nine passengers at long-range cruise
   - 2976 km with six passengers in Executive fit, long range cruise
   - 4150 km ferry flight, no payload in standard fit

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Erscheinungsdatum 20.03.2023