Falcon 7X Earns CertFalcon 7X Gets FAA And EASA Approval

At a ceremony in Bordeaux-Mérignac on April 29, Dassault Aviation received full type certification for the Falcon 7X from both the EASA and FAA.




The trijet is expected to enter service before the end of June 2007. 'certification is a new chapter in the life of every airplane,' said Charles Edelstenne, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation. 'But when the aircraft has broken new ground and surpassed so many technical barriers, it is truly and event to be remembered.'

Over 160 Falcon 7X have been sold at the time of certification. This represents over four years of production and makes the Dassault Falcon 7X the most popular launch of a business jet ever in terms of sales dollar value.

The Falcon 7X test program prior to certification accumulated over 1,600 flight test hours with over 600 flights. Over one third of the flight hours were dedicated to certification flights. It endured a number of extreme tests, including cold soak tests in Canada, water ingestions tests in Cranfield, high-altitude testing in Colorado and hot weather testing in the Tunisian desert. There are currently more than 60 aircraft in various stages of production, seven airplanes are in completion in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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