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We provide helicopter operation to highest standards in safety, quality and efficiency. Our team is highly skilled and has many years experience in helicopter aviation all over the world. By maintaining the highest technical, flight operations and maintenance standards, we offer solutions fulfilling even the most challenging customer requirements. With GHS you will always have a competent and reliable partner in helicopter aviation, taking advantage and benefiting from our efficiently working company and fleet policy.

Our services are always customer orientated following our company philosophy: Highest reliability. We ensure that your helicopters will always be available when they are required, and their operation always complies with the highest international safety standards. All helicopters on our AOC will be operated to EASA Air Ops standards and approvals.


With our passionate and professional management personnel and our operating crews Global Helicopter Service has over a decade of experience in challenging Helicopter Operations around the globe.


Your safety is our top priority and is the basis for all of our decision-making. Our main goal is to offer our services to the highest standards of quality and safety. Through the implementation of a state of the art safety and quality management system, our operations are continuously reviewed and optimized.

All helicopter under GLOBAL HELICOPTER SERVICE control will be operated to EASA Ops standards. Technically, the helicopters will be controlled by our approved CAMO according to EASA Part M and maintenance will be performed to EASA Part 145 standards. By our internal GLOBAL HELICOPTER SERVICE Quality Control we are able to ensure that service intervals will be followed and maintenance tasks performed correctly and to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The highest quality standards form the basis for our selection and training of personnel. Our flying personnel and technical crews will be chosen by most stringent evaluation criteria and distinguished by their extensive experience. Furthermore, continuous training and skill development to our highest standards are regularly performed. Following these principles we can be assured in offering you only the best and safest services possible.

Global Helicopter Service has implemented an IQSMS (Integrated Quality and Safety Management System) that is a web based Safety, Quality and Risk Management System based on and in compliance with ICAO Doc. 9859 (ICAO Safety Management Manual).


You can count on our performance. Our flight crews are selected based on the most stringent criteria, distinguished by their many years of experience, and will be trained and further educated to the highest quality standards. In all fields of operation – on the ground or in the air – we place the highest value on our exceptionally qualified personnel.

Pilots undergo an annual Ground School and Simulator Training. Pilots/Operations Proficiency and Line Checks will be conducted by highly qualified internal examiners. Our Operations Manual as well as our Standard Operating Procedures are developed by experienced experts and have been approved by the German Aviation Authorities. Following these principles we guarantee smooth operation, no matter if VFR single piloted or complex IFR MCC Operations.


Operation of a helicopter is highly complex and requires exceptional industry experience combined with a great understanding of customer´s requirements. No matter if Full Service Helicopter Management including its Operation or single tasks like CAMO control, Part 145 maintenance orders or quality control – as our customer you can count on our years of experience, any time, everywhere.


Your Safety is our top priority. It is the basis for all of our decision-making. Our technicians are happy to service provided helicopter at any time of day. Highly qualified and certified technicians are organizing and controlling the maintenance in our own Part 145 maintenance facility, which is required to undergo regular quality audits. Our maintenance policy guarantees the adherence to our safety principles, as well as a high degree of cost control and optimization of maintenance task planning. Following this policy we can guarantee to our customers a maximum in terms of aircraft availability.

Line maintenance for all aircraft operated by GLOBAL HELICOPTER SERVICE will be carried out by our own EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organization and will be controlled by the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO).

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