Embraer Phenom 300

Type (Muster)

Light business Jet (leichter Geschäftsreisejet)

Embraer Phenom 300 air-to-air

Die erste Phenom 300 flog schon am 29. April 2008 zum ersten Mal und lag damit vor dem Zeitplan. Foto: © Embraer  


Country (Land)
Brazil (Brasilien)

Manufacturer (Hersteller)
Av. Brig. Faria Lima 2170
12227-901 Sao José dos Campos

Phone: 0055-12/345-1711
Fax: 0055-12/345-1090
Internet: www.embraerexecutivejets.com

Customers (Kunden)
Among the customers for the Phenom 300 are:

  • Flight Options: 100. The contract for the acquisition of 100 Phenom 300 aircraft, with options for an additional 50 aircraft of the same model, was signed in December 2007. This was Embraers largest Phenom executive jet order, worth US$ 746 million at 2007 list price, and could reach US$ 1.12 billion, if all options are exercised. An additional agreement for a maintenance and support program is valued at over US$ 200 million.

Based on market assesments, Embraer had estimated demand for approximately 3000 Very Light, Entry and Light jets over the next decade (as of the porgramme announcement on 3 May 2005). Embraer hoped to win 30 per cent of this market.

Cost (Preis)
The 2007 list price was around 7,46 million US-Dollars.
The list price was given as 6,65 million US-Dollars at the time of the announcement in May 2005.
At the time of the announcement on 3 May 2005, Embraer said that development of the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 will cost 235 million US-Dollars, to be funded by the partners, financial institutions and the companies cash.

Competition (Konkurrenz)
Bombardier Learjet 40 XR
Cessna Citation Bravo
Cessna CJ4
Grob SPn Utility Jet
Raytheon Hawker 400SP
Raytheon Premier IA

Remarks (Bemerkungen)
The Phenom 300 is Embraers entry into the business jet market, announced together with the smaller Phenom 100. Distinctive features as promoted by the manufacturer are:

  • a spacious cabin, created by the BMW Group DesignworksUSA, with an “Oval Lite” cabin profile. The cross section is the same as in the Phenom 100.
  • cockpit with Prodigy flight deck, based on Garmin´s G1000 avionics system. The panel features three 12-inch displays, with two PFDs and one multi-function display. The system integrates all primary flight, navigation, communication, terrain, traffic, weather, engine instrumentation, and crew-alerting system data and presents the composite information in color. The cockpit is the same as in the Phenom 100.
  • Garmin avionics, including the GFC 700 three axis, fully digital, dual channel, fail passive AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System).

Subassemblies are to be produced by Neiva, with final assembly at Embraers Gaviao Peixoto plant.

History (Geschichte)
Rumours that Embraer is going to enter the light jet/very light jet market were surfacing in the autumn of 2004. At that time, market surveys and customer presentations with nine different concept aircraft were under way.
The entry of Embraer in the Very Light Jet and Light markets was approved by the Board of Directors in April 2005. The investment was said to be 235 million US-Dollars. It was officially announced on 3 May 2005 in Washington DC, as the “light jet” (LJ). At that time, service entry was predicted for mid-2009.
Embrer began taking orders for the Phenom 300 in June 2005.
The name Phenom 300 was announced on 9 November 2005 at the NBAA Convention in Orlando, Florida. A full-scale mock-up was also shown there, featuring the cabin desgned by BMW DesignworksUSA. Garmin was announced as the avionics supplier.
On 19 April 2006, Embraer announced that it had started the Joint Definition Phase of the Phenom 300, with 300 engineers working on the project. The JDP sould be completed in the third quarter., it was said.
The first metal cut of the Phenom 300 took place in late March 2007.
On 3 December 2007, Embraer and Flight Options, one of the largest private jet service companies in the world, signed a contract for the acquisition of 100 Phenom 300 aircraft, with options for an additional 50 aircraft of the same model. This was Embraer's largest Phenom executive jet order, worth US$ 746 million at 2007 list price, and could reach US$ 1.12 billion, if all options are exercised. An additional agreement for a maintenance and support program is valued at over US$ 200
Wings and engines were installed on the first prototype at the end of February 2008. March 2008 saw the first electrical power on.
The first Phenom 300 was rolled out at the Gavião Peixoto plant in São Paulo, Brazil, on 12 April 2008.
The Phenom 300 successfully took to the air on its maiden flight on 29 April 2008, from the Company's Gavião Peixoto test runway. During the one hour and twenty-two minute flight, Captain John Sevalho Corção and Embraer Chief Pilot Eduardo Alves Menini, who also was a crew member of the first flight of the Phenom 100, accompanied by flight test engineer Jens Peter Theodor Geiger Wentz, put the plane through a number of maneuvers, checking the aircraft's flight characteristics and the operation of its systems. Simultaneously, the engineering teams involved in the Phenom 300 flight test campaign were analyzing flight data transmitted in real time and supporting the flight test crew from the ground. In the coming months, the first Phenom 300, serial number 99801, will participate in the flight test campaign along with three additional Phenom 300 jets. It is expected to enter service in the second semester of 2009.
The first Phenom 300 concluded the Ground Vibration Test (GVT) in early June 2008
Embraer saw its second Phenom 300 light jet, registration PP-XVJ, take flight  on 5 August 2008, departing from Embraer's Gavião Peixoto plant. The crew consisted of Capt. Jeirgem Prust, Capt. John Sevalho Corção, and flight test engineer Leandro Bigarella. Four aircraft will comprise the fleet to perform the certification and maturity campaigns of the Phenom 300. Two other aircraft will be produced for the required structural ground tests (static and fatigue).

Technische Daten Embraer Phenom 300:  

Typ:Business Jet
Hersteller: Embraer
Maximale Passagierkapazität:8
Antrieb:Zwei Turbofans
Rumpflänge:15,64 m
Rumpfhöhe:5,10 m
Kabinenlänge:5,23 m
Kabinenhöhe:1,50 m
Kabinendurchmesser:1,55 m
Spannweite:15,91 m
Maximale Startmasse:8.618 kg
Kraftstoffkapazität:2.420 kg
Maximale Geschwindigkeit:830 km/h / 0.78 nm
Startrollstrecke:1.130 m
Landestrecke:900 m
Dienstgipfelhöhe:13.715 m
Reichweite:3.333 km / 1.800 nm mit 6 Passagieren

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